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Repair & Maintenance Service

While ramping up the growth of our business, our full range of repair & maintenance services include welding, ventilation, ducting, repair refrigerators, and service gas or electrical kitchen equipment to improve the equipment facility and to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Procedures of our Repair & Maintenance Service :

  1. Please provide us your company name, phone number, address, details of the item that needs repair & maintenance service.
  2. We will confirm to you whether your product is under warranty or not.
  3. We will inform you of the technician name, appointment date, and the repair no for reference.
  4. We will prepare a quotation for you to list out the details and the charge of repair or maintenance.
  5. Please make a deposit of 50% when agreeing to our quotation, after the repair or maintenance work is done completely, you have to settle the full payments before collecting the repair items.
  6. If you do not confirm with our quotation, we will have a charge of checking fee from RM 30 – RM 100 for the technician.
    *Please note that: We will get back to you with a confirmation reply within 3 days. If you are in a hurry, you may contact us via Whatsapp. Thanks & Regards.
(e.g. 2 Door Freezer)
(e.g. Not enough cool)

Rental Service

Other than selling new kitchen equipment, we also provide rental service in terms of 6 months. Every six months, customers will need to decide to continue another 6-month of rental. We have provided various rental items to the customer such as chiller, freezer, electrical machine, gas machine, stainless steel products, etc. To ask for rental items from us, you will need to provide a list of items that you want for your kitchen, then we need some time to prepare a clear quotation for you.

Procedures of our Rental Service :

  1. Please provide a list of item(s) you want with details needed (e.g. 3FT working table, gas deep fryer)
  2. We will prepare the quotation by checking out our stocks from the shop.
  3. In the quotation, there will be two-time charges of delivery fee. (One charge is to send through, another charge is for sending back) and all the calculations of the rental charges will be under 6-month calculation.
  4. Upon confirmation of quotation, you need to provide us a photocopy of the tenancy agreement, SSM, and I/C.
  5. Before sending all goods, customers should make a full payment based on the contract agreement.
  6. After 6 months, we will make a confirmation whether you want to continue the rental with us or want to stop the rental.
  7. If you are willing to continue the rental, another 6-months of the agreement will be proceeded upon receiving money.
    *Please note that: We will get back to you with a confirmation reply within 3 days. If you are in a hurry, you may contact us via Whatsapp. Thanks & Regards.
(e.g. 2 tier stainless steel worktable)
(e.g. 5FT)

Second-Hand Equipment Service

Our company specializes in providing high-quality second-hand kitchen equipment, including chillers and freezers. Our products undergo rigorous inspection and maintenance processes to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and performance. With a wide range of options available, we cater to the needs of various businesses looking to upgrade their kitchen equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and value for money sets us apart in the industry, making us the go-to choice for businesses seeking reliable and affordable kitchen equipment solutions. Trust our expertise and experience to enhance your kitchen operations.

Procedures of our Second Hand Equipment Service:

  1. Kindly help to provide the name of the item that you are interested in together with the quantity.
  2. We will prepare the item for you by checking if we have stock of the item or not.
  3. Once we have confirm that there is stock, we will then get back to you.
  4. Should you have any questions,feel free to contact us via Whatsapp 
(e.g. 5FT)