Top Maple Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Confirmation of quotation given or sent is valid for 1 month only. The prices of the products in the quotation is subject to change after 1 month.


  • Upon confirmation of the order, payment must need to be made in full in respect of all transactions before delivery or shipping.


  • Delivery & shipping will be done after receiving the full payment, Top Maple will check the functioning of the item before shipping out.
  • Shipment will be delayed for item that is not in current stock.


  • For the custom-made product, the shipment will be done within 14 working days after receiving the payment.


  • There is no refundable of cash upon confirmation of order.


  • Please receive the goods in good order and condition. No goods to be claimed, after 10 days of delivery.


  • For delivered goods, only unused items can be returned if customer wish to change size or model. However, value of the returned goods is deducted 15% and the remaining balance can be used for the next transaction.


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To learn more about the Returns & Exchanges, please click on this link : Returns & Exchanges

To learn more about the Warranty Claim, please click on this link : Warranty Claim

  • Customer shall make full payment or 50% deposit first before repair work begin.


  • After repair work is done and machines are completely working, customer shall settle the full payments before collect the repair items.


  • Items must be claimed within 3 months after repair work is done, otherwise items will be disposed off and payments are not refundable. Our company will not be responsible for the loss.


  • Before repair work begin, customer should agree on the quotation, terms and condition that provided by our company. If agreement cannot be reached, customer also need to pay for checking technician fees in between RM 30 – RM 100.
  • Rental shall be for a period of Six (6) months.


  • We will be responsible to keep the equipment in proper working order during rental period, but cleaning and maintenance services will be chargeable.


  • Account charges 3% will be charged on all overdue payments.


  • Full payment of Six (6) months rental plus the two times delivery transportation & shipping charges (for sending & returning) must be paid before delivery of the equipment.


  • If the Customer intend to extend of the rental equipment for the further period of Six (6) months, then a Two (2) months advance notice must be given before the end of rental period.


  • All signed documents, payments and tax invoice must be completed before rental period can be extended.


  • All equipments rented to the Customer CANNOT be removed or disposed off in any manner.


  • All costs of repair to the damage of the rental equipment at the end of rental period will be borne by the Customer.


  • Deposit is NOT Refundable in the event of cancellation by the Customer.