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Semi-Auto Dough Divider and Rounder O-CM-36A

The Dough Divider & Rounding is designed to press and divide the dough evenly into small places. It can efficiently help improve work efficiency and is easy to operate.

Features :
Machine base design : Bigger base, more stable operation while machine is running.
Machine stand design : Bigger internal stand, easy to fix and convenient for installation.
Rounder design : Bigger rounder diameter, with faster rounding speed, and good rounding performance.
Rounding plate design : Eliminate static electricity.
Eccentric wheel design : With material improvement, machine running status is stable.


Model : O-CM-36A
Power : 750W
Voltage : 240V / 50Hz
Dough Number : 36
Dough Weight Range : 20~40g


Dimension (mm)

640(L) x 820(W) x 1410(H)

Net Weight


Gross Weight



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